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Incommunicable damage scarred the desolate scene. Cloaking an ominous landscape. Everybody felt the Germans were infallible and impossible to defeat! the whole street was a blanket of debris.; Everything was havoc. Vast amounts of damage everywhere. Devastation. Busses billow out smoke smudging the blue sky. The sun started to descend.

Waking up Steven’s ears caught the sound of the death siren… A plank of ashed wood blocked the spiral stair case stopping him in his tracks! Looking around he said to himself “how can I escape? Could I escape out the window? I probably could but there is a 2 story drop” an idea came to him. Smashing the window, he propelled the mattress out and quickly bolted after it.  Bombs started falling Down from the sky that was full to the brim of German planes! 

Breaking his leg his conssiness passed away… Hell was obstructing the world  everyone once knew! Draging himself inch by inch until he was moments away from reaching the delightfulness of safety. Looking up he witnessed a bomb fulminating his house.

Dragwere  himself into the shelter he was so happy because a great reunion was reborn; his parents were sitting there with their arms out waiting for a comforting, warm hug

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Dear Diary,                                                                                                                            R.E: Our teacher set us a challenge to write about what we think prayer is. I think prayer is a way of communicating with God but it’s not, however, a way to beg for things. Also it is a way of sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone.

Literacy: We started writing our stories that are set in historical settings. My story is about a child called Mathew Marker, he was a very disobedient boy. He didn’t respect anyone else’s opinion except his. The climax is about him tripping over a rock and hitting his head against the ground!

P.E: We are learning about rugby to get us ready for upcoming rugby festivals. Because we didn’t have enough tags we had to play touch rugby-instead of taking their tag away you have to touch them with two hands.

That was my week at school!

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Help setting safe mode on youtube from Internet Matters.org

Rugby Festival!13-04-2016 | 14:53:55 | No Comments

Our first match was against River school and they beat us by a lot but we are just warming up. Are 2nd match was against Capel school and we lost by 1 or 2. Are 3rd match was vs Barton and we won by 1 or 2 which is cool I met someone I know on that team. Are 4th match was vs Whitfield school and we one by 1 or 2 I cant remember how many but that was awesome! Our final match was vs River again but we lost by 1 which was a really close match and I met someone I know on that team as well.

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Hey there, I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging much but today I have a story of a pretty cool kid named Ace who lives in the U.S. This is his journal about his school life, but his school isn’t any normal school!

Hey there, yeah I’m writing in my journal again. Today school was pretty mad, cpecialy especially that my friend Max aktually actually listened to me and STOPPED being such a wuss at everything! He tried football and he liked it! Well, not exactly liked it he, umm…, more like loved it! Yeah cool right but that doesn’t make life’s easy for an ordinary secondary school kid. Any way the past is the past! The most important thing is what happens tomorrow!

I kind ’a snuck my journal into school today, I’ll be writing while I do the thing. Anyway right now  I’m ding doing literacy the best lesson I’ll ever do in my school (not). I’m writing a story about the Romans or something . I’ll write back to you when I’m done.

Brake time at last! I’m going to go to Max and talk to him

“Hey, bro, you now that I’ve seen our science teacher act weird and stuff” said my friend

“no..” I answered

“Well he went to the F.O.O.T.C. yesterday”

“what’s that stand for?” I asked

 “Facility of obstructing  the C.I.A!” He answered

“ I found it out on Google,”

“so your saying we live right next to some company which plans on obstructing the CIA!!!”

“Yeah,” he said so casually that I count believe it.

Then, when we were talking our science teacher came over our shoulder and grabbed us…


 To be continued…

Blitz Story!13-04-2016 | 14:49:32 | No Comments

Waking up, Mathew Marker crawled out of his Anderson Shelter trying his hardest to keep his eyes open. Getting up was hard for him, after all he was only 4 and a half years old. Gradually, he staggered past the debris covered front garden. Barely staying on his feet Mathew groaned, “Uhh, stupid war!” He groaned a lot and didn’t respect anyone else’s opinion except his.

Suddenly the Air Raid Siren cried out and Mathew had no idea where the nearest Anderson Shelter was. He decided to sprint in any direction but suddenly… he tripped and smashed his head on the ground! Blood streamed down his face, turning the tears red like a poppy. He lost consciousness, bombs were fulminating all around him. Their was no chance of survival!

The impossible was made possible! No more bombs were falling and Mathew was still alive.

Still laying unconscious, Mathew was unaware of a dark figure ominously staring at his body! The man had no idea if the boy was still alive. Plodding along, a hospital appeared in sight. Mathew was still being carried. The man said to the receptionist that it was an emergency. Mathew, awakening, was layed down on a bed with an oxygen tank next to him. Finally, one of his eyes fluttered open. Suddenly the world started coming back to him. He was alive and awake!

how would you feel if you were in the ww213-04-2016 | 14:48:46 | No Comments

Mary slowly turned onto her back reaching for her favourite doll that her mother had given her. Rubbing her back she staggered onto her feet. Mary was flabbergasted when she saw the tumbling houses. Mary was confused she did not know what to do. Suddenly, she stopped and thought to herself where is my family? She needed to find them! Rushing Mary enterd her sister’s room. she scared with fear thinking that her sister was under the debris that had felled onto the bed. The bed was empty…


Feeling a little bit relieved but still scared, Mary ran down the squeaking stairs in to the kitchen. Rattling the old black door, Mary finally made it to the back garden.

Running as fast as her little legs could run, she got to the Anderson shelter, looking for her mum, dad and sister. The parents were coming, the rocks fell on to Mary’s sister, her parents were scared, they were devastated then they saw Mary running to them, they gave her a massive huge and Mary said “were is my sister”?.

A land, where no one wants to be…13-04-2016 | 14:43:46 | No Comments



The dark sky overlooked the derelict buildings. A incommunicable amount of devastation was left behind by ominouse planes while Dust cloaked the town. Buildings were injured soldiers, barely standing. Mud Layors the ground with lifeless, still, bodies meanwhile families are tormented. Soldiers are ants marching towards a town and killing all lifeforms seen.

E-Safety13-04-2016 | 14:42:23 | No Comments

  • Don’t give away any personal information.
  • If you feel unsafe you should press the CEOP button or press the little hyphen button and speak to an adult.
  • Don’t speak  to anyone you don’t know and don’t put your name on the online world.
  • If someone wants to meet you in person or on cam decline the invite and speak to an adult if you can’t handle it yourself.
  • always ask an adult what sites you can visit or look at.
  • Never click on an add or they might give you a major bill or it will come up with loads more adds
  • if someone tries to bully you and they are your friend on any social media delete them as a friend
  • if you wouldn’t go up to a stranger in public don’t do it online
  • Don’t copy right or you may be given a major bill
  • don’t accept a friend invite and you don’t know who they are don’t accept it this rule is very important because if don’t obey this rule you might get badly bullied.

WWW 2 poem…16-03-2016 | 10:21:33 | 2 Comments

iIt’s a time when battlefields are graveyards,

awaiting to be filled with bodies.

It’s a time when agony is a deisese,

people cry for there lifeless ones.

It’s a time when Guns belch death,

destroying everything at its path.

 It’s a time when people arrive back,

with blood dripping like water from a tap.

Its a time where no one ones to be,

it’s world war…

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